Wyoming has always been a place of adventure, exploration and freedom. Today, this lifestyle is being modernized in a state that offers the benefits as well as challenges of distance and density. 

We live in a world that demands instant access to data and information or risk being left behind. For several years, the State of Wyoming and its broadband providers have worked hard to improve the existing broadband infrastructure, and they’ve been very successful. Most of our urban areas already have scalable fiber in the ground and our schools are among the best connected in the nation. As we look to the future, the Wyoming Broadband Office will build on that foundation to further reach unserved and underserved areas, and even promote greater services to those areas already served. 

The Wyoming Broadband Council’s mission statement envisions Wyoming as a leader in connectivity, setting a standard for all others to follow by 2025. We are focused on making Wyoming a technology leader by expanding services to support economic diversity and job growth throughout the state. In order to get there, we need your help. 

The Wyoming Business Council and its partners are ready to take proactive measures to ensure that businesses and residents have the broadband services they need. For the State of Wyoming to better quantify the areas of need, we have built a tool that will measure connectivity at any location throughout the state. By taking the speed test below, you are participating in our data-collection efforts and giving us the information we need to determine your exact location and service levels. This data will be shared with providers throughout the state so they can see where Wyoming could use their support and infrastructure. 

Your participation and communication will help us become a national leader in connectivity. We appreciate your support and look forward to a better-connected state.

Wyoming Broadband Manager:

Ryan Kudera - Wyoming Business Council

Email: ryan.kudera@wyo.gov; Office: 307-371-6784

Baggs, Wyoming


Please read these instructions before taking the speed test and completing the survey:

  • If you are on a desktop computer connected to your home or business internet service, continue to the speed test and survey.
  • If you are on a mobile device (i.e. smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc.), please ensure that you are connected to the internet via your home or business wireless internet (wifi) before taking the speed test and survey



If your internet speeds are not what you expect, please click here for more information.



If you are interested in what the values of your speed test results mean, click here.